CLAVIS Volume 3: CIPHER AND STONE available today

Today marks the release of Volume 3 of Clavis Journal, Cipher and Stone. This edition includes my essay "Through the Gate of Horn: Occult Fiction and the Primordial Image", a piece of which I am particularly proud. As is its custom, Clavis includes a number of fine artists and authors, including Scott Finch, William Kiesel, Andrew Larson, and Aaron Cheak. 

Copies of both the Standard and Deluxe Editions may be obtained here.

I also encourage those in the Seattle area to attend the journal's official launch on December 19th, the details of which can be found here.  


The Starry Wisdom Library [JHC] edited by Nate Pedersen

Sometime ago editor Nate Pedersen approached me concerning a tantalizing project: a fictional archaic catalogue listing all the books from H.P. Lovecraft's fabled Church of Starry Wisdom. I immediately accepted Nate's gracious invitation and furnished him with an entry that detailed but one of the many grimoires that composed the Starry Wisdom Library.

PS Publishing is now accepting pre-orders for The Starry Wisdom Library, which may be done by clicking here. The roster is a who's who of weird authors. This book is sure to be a pleasurable read and a unique piece of Lovecraftiana.


I was very pleased to learn that Helen Marshall and Sandra Kasturi chose to include my 2013 story "A Cavern of Redbrick" in Imaginarium 3: The Best Canadian Speculative Writing, forthcoming from the excellent ChiZine Publications. The anthology has tremendous Canadian talent. And a beautiful cover.

It was also a pleasant surprise to have the wonderful Ellen Datlow grant Honourable Mention to three of the four stories I had published in 2013. This list is the adjunct to her annual Best Horror of the Year anthology series. It may be viewed here.

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