PENUMBRAE reviewed

Penumbrae: An Occult Fiction Anthology has received its first review, a stellar one, courtesy of the blog Magic Under the Black Sun. 

They write: 

"When I say this book was good, I mean it was practically perfect in every way. Seriously, stop what you are doing, go order it, then come back and read this." 

The complete review may be viewed here.

Copies of Penumbrae may be ordered here.  


It may now be revealed that my next book will be a non-fiction volume of esoteric thought and praxis. 

The Benighted Path: Primeval Gnosis and the Monstrous Soul will be published later this year by distinguished occult publisher Theion Publishing. I am very honoured to be working with Jessica Grote and my friend and brother David Beth of Theion Publishing on this project.
A preliminary description of The Benighted Path has been posted on Theion's website and may be viewed here

As its title implies, this book is not a linear manual toward enlightenment. It is an orientation toward the luminous dark of the Night Primeval. 

Further details will be announced here in due course. 

PENUMABRAE available for pre-order

Penumbrae: An Occult Fiction Anthology is now available for pre-order via the Three Hands Press website.

Two editions are available:

1. Standard Hardcover Edition (brown cloth with full dust jacket)
2. Deluxe Edition (Hand-bound in full bistre goatskin with slipcase.

Pre-orders may be placed here.