Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Of the Dreaded 13...

Dark Regions Press posted the following update regarding the thirteen Deluxe Editions of The Darkly Splendid Realm:

"Richard Gavin has just informed Dark Regions that he is writing thirteen individual vignettes in long hand with a fountain pen and on a sheet of very fine (and suitably creepy) stationary which will be signed and numbered by the author and then rolled up scroll style with a black ribbon. One scroll will be included with each of the Deluxe thirteen editions of The Darkly Splendid Realm. The Deluxe Edition is almost sold out. If you want a copy, you had better order now!"

I should add that none of these vignettes will be republished in any other form. It was my intention to make the Deluxes true collectors items by giving the readers an artefact that I felt was both unique and personal.

To the thirteen souls who either have or are about to order one of these editions, I hope you find this addition to your liking.