Monday, January 24, 2011

Don Webb

Don Webb is one of the more authentically interesting figures in the Horror/Weird fiction realm. From his non-fiction books of occult philosophy to his genre-warping novels like Essential Saltes, Don has a unique stance on the universe, and a narrative style you can spot at fifty yards.

Of all his vehicles of expression, the occult terror tale is one arena where few equal Don in ingenuity and sheer storytelling ability. His 2006 collection When They Came, published by Temporary Culture, is a veritable feast for seekers of the Weird. Here be cosmicism of the first order, delivered with a raconteur's innate ability to pull you in and lead you along.

Webb's work often puts me in mind of Shirley Jackson's, not only in its earthy feel, but also because of the apparent ease with which he unfurls his narratives. Don Webb is one of those writers who makes it look easy, even though deep down you know it was not.

Philosophical, funny, and grim all at once. Highly recommended.