Friday, December 28, 2012

Review & Interview at The Cosmicomicon

Author, critic, and all around genre gentleman T.E. Grau has posted his in-depth and deeply flattering review of At Fear's Altar. Among his many kind words are:

At Fear's Altar - and Richard Gavin, as a fictionist, essayist, and general figure - is what Horror needs, if the forces of true creativity and innovation are going to battle back those armies amassed to exploit cheap parlor tricks, reconstituted dreck barely resembling the original article, and sparkly spook pap churned out to appeal to the widest and least interested portion of our population.  This collection has the power and vision to recapture the numinous and keep the steam train on the iron track, to bring respectability back to the genre, to keep the "H" big and proud.

Along with the review, Mr. Grau conducted the most extensive interview I've yet done.

The entire piece may be viewed here.