Monday, November 11, 2013

Three Books

Over the past few months my reading pile has been graced by three Horror collections by a trio of newer talents to the genre. I wanted to take a moment to introduce each of them to you.

The first is Nightmares of a Lovecraftian Mind by Jordan Krall. Here are my thoughts on the book:

"When I first read Thomas Ligotti's line 'True macabrists are as rare as poets', I knew precisely what he meant. So when I discover a work by a true macabrist, I cherish it. NIGHTMARES FROM A LOVECRAFTIAN MIND by Jordan Krall is just such a book. Poetic, deranged, and imbued with the whiff of the charnel house, NIGHTMARES is a tapestry of finely-wrought fever dreams."

The second title is The Lord Came at Twilight, the debut collection from Daniel Mills. My comments:

“Daniel Mills is the Janus of supernatural fiction. His gaze is fixed on both the genre’s past masters and on realms never before explored. The tales in this book are haunting and are woven with a most eloquent darkness.”

The third and final is Forever, In Pieces, the debut collection by Kurt Fawver:

"FOREVER, IN PIECES is aptly titled, for this book offers readers unnerving glimpses into our eternal fears, both staggeringly cosmic and painfully intimate. Kurt Fawver’s tales are gruesome and poignant. An impressive debut.”

I encourage anyone interested to explore these great new books.