Friday, December 6, 2013

Lovecraft eZine: W.H. Pugmire Tribute issue

The latest edition of Lovecraft eZine is a tribute issue to my friend , the great Lovecraftian author W.H. Pugmire. I am pleased to have "A Massing of the Shades" (my own tale of Sesqua Valley; Wilum's haunted Dunwich or Arkham, set in his native Pacific Northwest) appear in this issue. It stands alongside excellent contributions from Joseph S. Pulver Sr., Robert M. Price, Ann K. Schwader, Jeffrey and Scott Thomas, Jayaprakash Sathyamurthy, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, and S.T. Joshi.

A stalwart contributor to the realm of eldritch Horror, Wilum deserves this recognition.

I'm especially fond of the illustration that was created for my story by another good friend, the hideously talented Nick Gucker.

Lovecraft eZine can be found here.