Friday, October 24, 2014

Nine Horrors for Halloween

In honour of Samhain, here is a list of nine of my favourite Horror films:

1. L'arcano incatatore (1996) (dir. Pupi Avati)
"Wherever you may flee, you will be eternally bound to our pact."

2. Vampyr (1932) (dir. Carl Dreyer)

"...a young man whose studies of devil worship and vampires have distorted his perceptions..."

3. Born of Fire (1986) (dir. Jamil Dehlavi)

"I'm looking for the Master Musician..."

4. The Innocents (1961) (dir. Jack Clayton)

"What shall I sing to my Lord from my window?"

5. The Last Wave (1977) (dir. Peter Weir)

"A dream is a shadow...a shadow of something real."

6. I Walked with a Zombie (1943) (dir. Jacques Tourneur)

"Everything good dies here. Even the stars."

7. Beyond Dream's Door (1989) (dir. Jay Woelfel)

"Beyond dream's door, where horror lies..."

8. Rosemary's Baby (1968) (dir. Roman Polanski)

"All of them witches."

9. La rose de fer (1973) (dir. Jean Rollin) 

"Search, my love. Search further. The land under the ground."