Friday, March 25, 2016


Theion Publishing have offered the above glimpse at the Auric Edition of The Benighted Path. This image alone was enough to leave me speechless.

As previously reported, the Auric Editions are bound in night primeval black leather with silver adornment on the front cover. Each copy contains my handwritten Seal and Chant of the Mara as well as my signature and each copy comes in a slipcase. This edition is sold out. Pre-ordered copies are now being dispatched to their respective owners.

In related news, American author and poet Christopher Ropes has written a beautiful and deeply insightful review of The Benighted Path, which may be read here. My thanks to Christopher for sharing his powerful impressions.

Standard Editions of this book are still available (but are also limited in number). Theion Publishing's site may be accessed here.