Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Stephen Jones has unveiled the cover art and the contents for Best New Horror #28. Here is the full Table of Contents:

Introduction: Horror in 2016 – The Editor​​​​​​​Pale Tree House – Angela Slatter
​​​​​​​The Light at the Centre – Maura McHugh
​​​​​​​En Plein Air – J.T. Glover
India Blue – Glen Hirshberg
​​​​​​​Walking with the Cross – Peter Bell
Bedtime Story – Richard Christian Matheson
​​​​​​​The Symphony of the Normal – Darren Speegle
​​​​​​​The Ballet of Dr. Caligari – Reggie Oliver
Who is This Who is Coming? – Lynda E. Rucker
​​​​​​​The House That Moved Next Door – Stephen Volk
​​​​​​​Princess – Dennis Etchison
​​​​​​​A Home in the Sky – Lisa Tuttle
​​​​​​​On These Blackened Shores of Time – Brian Hodge
The Enemy Within – Steve Rasnic Tem
​​​​​​​The Court of Midnight – Mark Samuels
​​​​​​​Far from Any Shore – Caitlín R. Kiernan
​​​​​​​The Fig Garden – Mark Valentine
White Feathers – Alison Littlewood
​​​​​​​Over to You – Michael Marshall Smith
In the Dark, Quiet Places – Kristi DeMeester
​​​​​​​Mare’s Nest – Richard Gavin
The Red Forest – Angela Slatter
​​​​​​​Necrology: 2016 – Stephen Jones & Kim Newman

Trade paperback and Deluxe Limited Edition editions are both now up for pre-order through PS Publishing.