Thursday, March 14, 2019

THE MORIBUND PORTAL reviewed at 'Scriptus Recensera'

Scriptus Recensera, a wonderful site that publishes insightful examinations of a wide variety of occult volumes, has published a glowing review of The Moribund Portal: Spectral Resonance and the Numen of the Gallows:

"[Gavin] writes with a considered, grandiloquent and formal delivery, but does so expertly, without falling into the traps that lesser authors do when ambition outstrips ability. Instead, Gavin’s presents a masterclass in how to write 21st century occult style, combining academic phrasing, sophisticated occult terminology...and just the right sprinklings of archaism. Never overdoing any of these elements, and thereby disappearing into black holes of meaningless"

The review entire may be viewed here

Copies of The Moribund Portal may be obtained here