Sunday, June 13, 2021

'grotesquerie' Reviewed by Oldenword Books


Oldenword Books has posted an in-depth video review of grotesquerie, which can be viewed above. I greatly appreciate their taking the time to read and reflect upon the book. 

The review raises some interesting points concerning ambiguity in my fiction. 

I have often said that my fiction is a form of reportage. I transcribe the visions as they appear before my mind's eye. I never plot anything in advance, opting instead to get my intellect/ego out of the way and follow the images as they unfold. Ambiguity is never inserted for its own sake, instead it radiates naturally from the visions themselves. 

But more than this, my Horror fiction deals with unmaking, with one's assumptions about life being forcefully eclipsed by larger, darker forces. This loss of apparent meaning, this unravelling of neat and familiar life-patterns, is inflicted not only on my characters, but also on my readers. How one makes sense (or not) of these motifs is up to the individual reader.