Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Charnel Wine: Memento Mori Edition, Table of Contents

Below is the complete Table of Contents for Charnel Wine: Memento Mori Edition, due out this summer from Dark Regions Press:

Author’s Foreword to the New Edition

Charnel Wine
Reflections from the Abyss
Mrs. South
Fragments of a Primordial Gnosis
The Lodge
Berenice’s Journal
View from a Ghost Ship
The Tides that Bind
Parting the Veils
Porcelain & Pretty Lace
The Physics of Unseen Puppeteers
The Folly
Forewarning: The Good Doctor’s Eternal Return
Flowers of Delirium
The Master’s Posthumous Sermon
Leavings of Shroud House: An Inventory
Acolytes of the Reaping
The Churchyard Chrysalids
Soiled Throats, or, The Litany of the Maggot
The Whimper of Those Long Lost
Fruit from the Barbarous Garden

Other Spirits:
Feet of Clay, Head of Fire
Night’s Grand Mockery
The Clutch of Other
They Have to Take You
The Alchemy of Slumber