Thursday, April 14, 2016

Michael Dirda on SYLVAN DREAD

Sylvan Dread has received very humbling praise from renowned literary critic and writer Michael Dirda:

"In medieval times scholars spoke of 'Natura naturans' --- Nature naturing, Nature reveling in her sheer fecundity and pagan vitality. Like Blackwood and Machen before him, Richard Gavin knows the inhuman yet seductive rapture of the deep woods; he has heard the ancient music on the hills. In his stories of 'sylvan dread,' his protagonists explore uncanny ravines and hillside clefts, take part in sacrilegious rites, encounter maenads and goatbrides and Lovecraftian horrors. Gavin’s prose is always quietly controlled, carefully crafted, but it inexorably leads his men and women into realms of terrifying otherness, where they are changed, changed utterly."

--- Michael Dirda, 
Pulitzer Prize-winning critic, 
author of The Great Age of Storytelling