Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Brian Evenson on SYLVAN DREAD

Sylvan Dread has received another bit of advance praise, this time from the incredibly talented American author Brian Evenson. Here is what Brian had to say about my forthcoming collection:

"Sylvan Dread features moody and sometimes downright creepy pieces that swell only to burst and put off lethal spores when you least expect. Gavin excels at showing how uncanny and unnatural and weird the natural world secretly is."
                                                                            --- Brian Evenson,
                                                            author of A Collapse of Horses

All of Brian's fiction comes with my highest recommendation, in particular his latest collection A Collapse of Horses, which may be ordered here.

The deluxe, standard hardcover, and trade paperback editions of Sylvan Dread may be pre-ordered through Three Hands Press, which can be viewed here. The book's release date is now just over a month away.