Monday, March 26, 2018


Stephen Jones has unveiled the cover art and Table of Contents for his forthcoming anthology The Mammoth Book of Halloween Stories. The complete ToC is as follows:

“Introduction: When Churchyards Yawn”
“October in the Chair” – Neil Gaiman
“Reflections in Black” – Steve Rasnic Tem
“The Halloween Monster” – Alison Littlewood
“The Phénakisticope of Decay” – James Ebersole
“Memories of Día de los Muertos” – Nancy Kilpatrick
“Fragile Masks” – Richard Gavin
“Bone Fire” – Storm Constantine
“Queen of the Hunt” – Adrian Cole
“The October Widow” – Angela Slatter
“Before the Parade Passes By” – Marie O'Regan
“Her Face” – Ramsey Campbell
“A Man Totally Alone” – Robert Hood
“Bleed” – Richard Christian Matheson
“The Ultimate Halloween Party App” – Lisa Morton
“The Folding Man” – Joe R. Lansdale
“I Wait for You” – Eygló Karlsdóttir
“Dust Upon a Paper Eye” – Cate Gardner
“Not Our Brother” – Robert Silverberg
“The Scariest Thing in the World” – Michael Marshall Smith
“The Nature of the Beast” – Sharon Gosling
“The Beautiful Feast of the Valley” – Stephen Gallagher
“In the Year of Omens” – Helen Marshall
“The Millennial’s Guide to Death” – Scott Bradfield
“White Mare” – Thana Niveau
“Pumpkin Kids” – Robert Shearman
“Lantern Jack” – Christopher Fowler
“Halloween Treats” – Jane Yolen

Skyhorse Publishing  book will be publishing the book this Halloween. It will be available from booksellers everywhere.