Tuesday, May 15, 2018


I'm very pleased to announce that Three Hands Press has officially begun shipping the hardcover and paperback editions of my new monograph of the esoteric, The Moribund Portal: Spectral Resonance and the Numen of the Gallows. Pre-orders are also now be accepted for the Deluxe Edition, which is due for release in July.

By Richard Gavin
Beyond its vulgar function as a means of execution, the Gallows has long served as a source of occult power. From the severed appendage of the thief that becomes the Hand of Glory, to the fallen seed that spawns the mandrake root, the Hanging Place is awash in the sinistral ambiance of ancient sorcery.

Three Hands Press is proud to announce the limited release of The Moribund Portal by Richard Gavin, occult author of The Benighted Path, and acclaimed master of modern supernatural horror. In the first major examination of Gallows lore and magic, Gavin weaves together threads of folklore, spiritism, and occult philosophy to create a tapestry of grim vitality. The Moribund Portal: Spectral Resonance and the Numen of the Gallows examines the subtle yet potent symbiosis that exists between the incarnate world and the realm of the Dead. This book’s exploration of the liminal space between firmament and earth, where Odin perceived the runes and Christ witnessed the celestial kingdom, illuminates the macabre portal through which one may glimpse the Otherworld.

The Moribund Portal is 96 pages, featuring an interior design by Joseph Uccello and original cover by  artist Benjamin A. Vierling. It is available in three editions:

limited to 1,700 copies in total - $23.50
Limited Hardcover 
consisting of 500 hand-numbered hardcover copies in gilt tyrian purple cloth with colour dust jacket - $45.00

 Deluxe Hardcover 
consisting of 22 hand-numbered copies in full purple Nigerian goat with marbled endpapers and slipcase (limit 1 per customer) - $450.00

Please note that deluxe editions will be shipping July 16, 2018.

Quantities are extremely limited. To order, please visit: