Friday, July 26, 2019

PLUTO IN FURS Now Available

Scott Dwyer's phantastic anthology Pluto in Furs: Tales of Diseased Desires and Seductive Horrors is now available. Scott's previous anthology Phantasm/Chimera was one of my favourites in recent memory, so I'm very pleased to have a brand new story, entitled "Headsman's Trust: A Murder Ballad", published in Pluto in Furs. Also, the cover design for this book perfectly captures my aesthetics; a blend of the ghostly, the erotic, the murky, and the infernal.

Here is the complete Table of Contents:

An Abysmal Masochism ( An Introduction ) - by Scott Dwyer
The Tangible Universe - by Jeffrey Thomas
The Wolf at the Door or The Music of Antonio Soler - by Devora Gray
Other Yseut and Romance Tristan - by Adam Golaski
Dermatology, Eschatology - by Kurt Fawver
Headsman’s Trust: A Murder Ballad - by Richard Gavin
It’s Hard to be Me - by John Claude Smith
The Gutter at the Bottom of the World - by David Peak
Tender is the Tether - by Rhys Hughes
With Shining Gifts That Took All Eyes - by Mike Allen
Stygian Chambers - by Orrin Grey
Behemoth - by Clint Smith
Worm Moon - by Gemma Files
The Silvering - by Thana Niveau
Walking in Ash - by Brendan Vidito

Copies of the book may be ordered here.

And for those of you attending NecronomiCon Providence next month, I will be taking part
in an official Pluto in Furs launch. (Details of that and my full NecronomiCon schedule will
be posted here in the near future.)